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Are you dreaming of a "White Christmas?"

Tuesday, Dec 2nd, 2014

We all know the chances of there being snow on Christmas day is rare in the south, but we can still make sure your Christmas is white and bright! We have two great bleach options that can give you the white beautiful smile you've always wanted!
From now until January 15th, our in-office bleach and take home bleach kits will be available for $250 off normal pricing! If you are interested in purchasing either bleach options as a gift, gift certificates are available!
We offer two great options to whiten your teeth and boost your confidence! You can choose from the in office bleach system or the take home bleaching kit. Both are great options and will give you fantastic results. To learn which will be the best option for you, call our office at 864-297-5585 ext. 2.
Make your Christmas a white one and give us a call to get started!