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Dental Implant Myths: Age, Risk Factors and Process

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over a few of the most common myths out there about dental implants, plus the proper information in each of these. Such misconceptions can be very harmful, sometimes even preventing people from getting the right dental implant due to improper fears that aren’t even based on fact.

At Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry, we’re proud to offer quality dental implants to all our clients, plus all the proper information on these products to steer you clear of myths that surround them. What are some of the other most common misconceptions out there about these valuable products? Here are a few, plus corrections so you have the right data moving forward.

Myth #4: Dental Implants Are Only for Young People

For some reason, some people believe that older people cannot benefit from dental implants. This is incorrect to the highest degree, as your teeth are just as important at any age.

Our dental implants can restore function and beauty for clients of all ages, allowing both older people who have lost teeth in our office’s service area and younger people whose lack of tooth issues may not consider them a good candidate for implants to finally have their smiles restored. In fact, age itself is not a factor in whether or not you can get these products.

Myth #5: Dental Implant Surgery is Dangerous

Again, it would be harder to get much further from the truth. While dental implants are technically considered a form of “surgery,” the risk levels here are simply far lower than you have likely imagined.

We use the most modern tools and techniques in our dental implant surgery to produce damage-free products that are very accurate, restoring your teeth’s function with ease. There are almost never any side effects outside of some minor discomfort in the days immediately following the procedure.

Myth #6: Dental Implants Are Ready Instantly

Unfortunately, there’s also one major myth on the flip side of dental implants, one that may have originated with some overly aggressive marketing: The idea that dental implants are an instant deal. In most situations, this is not the case.

Rather, the dental implant process involves a certain amount of time for your body to adapt and respond, called the “osseointegration” period. You’ll come into our offices for your first consultation and appointment, one that may include X-rays or scans. From here, an impression of the mouth or tooth area that needs to be restored may be taken, and temporary implants may be placed until the final ones are ready. Once your permanent implant is ready, you’ll come back in for a second appointment to receive it.

For more on debunking common myths surrounding dental implants, or to learn about any of our dental clinic services, speak to the staff at Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry today.