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Our Clinical Team


Introducing Sam, a Lead Certified Dental Assistant whose journey is a testament to her dedication and warmth. A native of Greenville, SC, she pursued her education at Greenville Tech, setting the foundation for her dental career. Sam's heart lies in nurturing relationships with patients and being a part of their life-changing dental experiences. Since 2016, she has cherished her role as a wife and mother to two children, deeply valuing quality time with her family. Their shared passion for the lake life is evident as they spend leisure moments aboard their boat, embracing adventures, and occasionally getting lost in the pages of a good book. Sam's commitment to her profession and her loved ones defines her remarkable story.


Meet Kasie, a dedicated professional whose journey has been marked by adaptability and commitment. Born in Greenville, SC, she initially pursued a medical path at USC before discovering her passion for dentistry. With a decade of dental experience under her belt, Kasie's last 4 years have been dedicated to serving as an Implant Liaison and Surgical Assistant alongside Dr. Matt Bynum. Beyond her successful career, Kasie finds joy in her role as a wife and mother of two. Her daughter's collegiate journey and her son's high school adventures add to the richness of her life. During their free moments, the family's love for camping adventures and cherished beach outings further cements their strong bond. Kasie's story exemplifies both professional excellence and cherished family moments.


Rebekah, affectionately known as Reba, is a dedicated Periodontal Therapist who embraces her Southern roots in Camden, SC. A proud graduate of USC, she's been part of the dental world for an impressive 22 years and has spent the last 13 alongside Dr. Matt Bynum. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Rebekah finds immense joy in the company of her family and friends, particularly when enjoying the great outdoors. She balances her commitments by actively participating in her church community and engaging in sports activities with her 6 and 9-year-old children. Rebekah's vibrant personality shines through her years of experience and her zest for a fulfilling life.


Sarah, a seasoned RDH with over a decade of experience, brings her unwavering dedication to transforming lives through dentistry. With roots deeply embedded in the dental field and a commitment to making a positive impact, she loves that this practice changing lives is a daily occurrence. At the heart of her approach lies a genuine effort to cultivate meaningful connections, forming the cornerstone of her work. Beyond her professional life, Sarah revels in her roles as a devoted spouse and parent to a spirited 7-year-old daughter. Her journey to Greenville was ignited by her husband's culinary venture, Fork and Plough, which resonates as her second passion. A connoisseur of flavors, Sarah's palate is an open book, indulging in everything from fine dining to local hidden gems. Her adventurous spirit extends to her love for travel, an ongoing adventure fueled by an ever-expanding bucket list. And when it's time to unwind, she embraces the simple pleasure of a Netflix binge. Sarah's commitment to excellence and zest for life epitomize her dynamic presence both within and beyond the dental realm.