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Unveiling Britegums®

We are now offering Britegums®, an innovative procedure designed to enhance the vibrancy of your smile by adjusting the pigment of your gums. We are the first dental office (aside from the creator Dr. Robert Stanley/Stanley Dentistry) in the United States to offer Britegums®!

Britegums®, is a transformative cosmetic treatment aimed at addressing gum discoloration or uneven pigmentation. We understand that discolored gums can impact your self-esteem and hinder your willingness to share your smile. That’s where Britegums® comes in, offering a solution that harmonizes your gum aesthetics with your overall smile. Britegums® is a patented procedure that will remove blotchy, dark spots and discolorations in the gum tissue, pinkening gums quickly and painlessly.

Britegums® isn’t just a procedure; it’s an aesthetic journey. By addressing gum discoloration, we achieve a balance that complements your teeth, enhances your facial appearance, and revitalizes your self-confidence.

Our approach with Britegums® is tailored to your specific requirements and goals. We work closely with you to achieve the outcome you desire while prioritizing the health and integrity of your gums.


Our Procedure Process:


Initial Consultations:
All Brite Gum procedures require a comprehensive consultation to assess your gum health, discuss your aspirations, and determine the suitability of the Britegums® procedure for you.

The Procedure:
The Britegums® procedure is minimally invasive. Utilizing advanced techniques, we gently remove the top layer of gum tissue that contains the excess pigmentation, revealing your natural gum color. Minimal downtime ensures you can resume your daily activities shortly after the treatment.

The Healing Process:
The healing timeline after a Britegums® procedure can vary from person to person, but generally, you can expect the healing process to span a few weeks. Specific healing protocols will be given to you before the procedure.


To schedule your initial consultation, please call our office at (864) 297-5585 – or fill out our consultation form below.


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